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Renee delivers powerful talks and workshops on the topics of mastering fear, Soul Purpose Success and entrepreneurship. Participants are engaged and prompted to self-reflect to gain the most value from the workshop. In the end, participants can expect clarity on root blocks that prevent forward progress on their journey, plus, are given the tools needed to help them release those blocks and navigate towards success, peace and freedom.


Ideal Audience

Spiritual teachers, authors and coaches who understand that personal breakthroughs lead to business success and are willing to explore mindset, energetic healing and marketing as a holistic approach to Soul Purpose Success.


Renee’s powerful talks include:

• Aligning with your Divine Blueprint for Success

• Signaling Your Soul Clients

• Mastering Fear on your Soul Purpose Journey


Renee’s breakout session at my recent event was raved about by attendees. The way she is able to guide the audience to really understand their fear and weave in insight and practical exercises for how to move past it would be valuable for any audience. My audience of spiritual entrepreneurs loved learning from someone who has been on the front lines of her own business, and has a rich history of walking a spiritual path as well. Renee is an absolute professional with an instant command of the room, so as a host you won’t have to think twice about turning your group over to her!

Darla LeDoux

Renee Li is a wise soul who not only brings solid wisdom but also practical guidance to the her listeners. With her personal anecdotes she is able to connect with the audience and engage them in a process of introspection, while also inspiring them to take action. I loved having Renee as the main speaker for Sustainable Success in New York City in December of 2017. The room was completely quiet and absorbing her valuable gems of information while she was speaking. She is genuine, intelligent and a heart connected speaker who will bring those qualities to your event!

Monica Maria Aparicio

“Renee is a wonderful facilitator – she explores deep topics with such ease, has everyone feel included and creates such a safe space for transformation to occur inside of. If you know you are here to create transformation on the planet, and you are ready to take your work even deeper, allow Renee to be your guide. Her retreats and workshops are second to none.”

Kate Gerry

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