to the Soul Purpose Success Podcast!

I am so excited to offer you this podcast where it’s all about walking your Highest path, speaking your truth and showing up in the world as the powerful spiritual leader you are!

My goal is to offer up amazing stories from other spiritual entrepreneurs of how they overcame fear and challenges to start their sacred business and enjoy soul purpose success so that you can be inspired to take new action on your own Soul purpose journey. Scroll through and listen to the episodes that call to you. Enjoy!

How to Get Unstuck From Fear – with Renee Li

While it is true that the opposite of fear is faith and love, it approaches the topic of fear from a very macro perspective and does not always help you when you are stuck or paralyzed by fear in your business. In this episode, I share about my earthly take on the opposite of fear which may surprise you. Tune in to learn easy, real-life tips on how you can shift beyond fear and start to flex your mastery muscle now!

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Cracking the Money Code From the Inside Out – With Michelle Atlas

If you’ve been finding it hard to attract money through your sacred business, my next guest Michelle Atlas, says it may be your relationship with money that is blocking you from receiving.  According to Michelle, we all have money blind spots and money shadows (mostly from earlier in our life) that prevent us from living a meaningful life we love today. Listen in on this week’s episode to learn tips on how you can start to identify your personal money stories and shadows. See if you resonate with either Michelle or my money stories and catch more tips on how you can take your power back around money and experience abundance in your business. — This may be the final glass ceiling you need to break through in order to experience ease and flow with money!

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Are Live Retreats a Gateway to the Soul? – With Darla LeDoux

Have you been thinking about hosting your own retreat or debating whether or not you should attend one? If so, this is a “Must-Tune-In” episode with Business Coach and Retreat Leader, Darla LeDoux. You will hear Darla share her thoughts about live retreats as a gateway to the Soul and why it’s SO WORTH IT to attend a retreat or host your own live retreat! Darla talks about the energetics behind how live retreats can permanently shift your energy to align you with and attract the freedom and life that you want. And, if you want to create your own live retreat, you will definitely want to hear the four pillars that create the space for transformation

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Making Room for Your Magnificence with Nat Couropmitree


Nat Couropmitree believes that who you are in your essence is true magnificence and divine bigness and when you can live from that, life changes for you. So, are you suppressing your core nature of magnificence or letting it shine? Listen to this episode to learn Nat’s beautiful tips on how you can determine if you are fully aligned with your divine magnificence and Soul’s bigness. I enjoyed interviewing Nat so much and loved the energy of compassion that flows forth from all his words. He also shares his personal story of how he went from the medical school track to healer and coach in order to fully express his potential and his own magnificence in the world.



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Finding Joy Through Aligned Marketing with M. Shannon Hernandez

Are you doing things in your marketing that you actually hate? Would you like to stop?  My guest this week, M. Shannon Hernandez, is here to give you permission to stop doing the marketing things you hate and start owning the marketing style that brings you joy! In this interview, Shannon talks about the various content personalities and how you can be in a state of joy with your marketing when you tap into the essence of your unique content personality. And, of course, as we know….your outer experience in life and biz always reflects your inner energy. So, imagine how your business can grow and flourish when you start to be in JOY with marketing your biz!

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Holding Space for Harmony in Your Business with Diahana Barnes

What would it look like to have the energy of harmony in your business?

Diahana Barnes talks about her Harmony Core Process and offers powerful mindset shifts to help you heal your business towards more harmony and flow. Her unique Harmony Core process begins with identifying your personal Spiritual Attributes. Listen in to learn which of the seven spiritual attributes you resonate with most and how you might own that attribute in your business and find the right alignment to bring in more clients. Tune in to listen to us chat about divine truths and also have real business talk!

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Leading From Your Soul with Priscilla Stephan

What should a leader look like, be like, sound like?

Do you consider yourself a leader?

Priscilla Stephan invites us to consider leadership as contribution. She helps her clients embody their purpose and tune into their unique style of leadership by assessing their “Soul Archetypes”. When you are able to navigate the journey to own yourself as a leader with super powers, you can step into what Priscilla calls “joyful leadership”.

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Soul Purpose Success Formula

Here is the Soul Purpose Success Formula that was articulated for me through Spirit. Learn the six components that offer you the right energy and the right action to create success and abundance in your sacred business.

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Wake Up Epic and Be a Global Contribution with Alex Iglecia

Are you still trying to figure out what your global contribution is to mankind?

What if you could be epic in your business and personal life today and every day? Alex Iglecia joins me this week to explain how the intersection of your personal narrative and the Universe’s narrative is where your epic story begins. On our interview, Alex shares how he goes into the essence of fears and the essence of achievements to frame his purpose and legacy as a process.

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Client and Flow Through Being Unapologetically You with Cara Stein

Do you have a critical inner voice? Do you feel a need to be “normal” and accepted by peers and clients?

Learn to release the hold of your gremlin and take your power back from your inner critic in this week’s episode with Creative Director and Coach, Cara Stein. I bet you will be surprised at how simple and effective her approach is!

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Three Juicy Side Effects of Working Your Soul’s Purpose with Renee Li

The truth of all that is — is actually multi faceted. The Divine mind hold a much larger picture that our human minds cannot. God orchestrates a complex ripple effect from our actions that impact so many Beings across so many dimensions at the same time. While you may believe your Soul’s Purpose is to simply serve others, there’s so much more to it. In this episode, I share the three juicy side effects of working your Soul’s Purpose and you start to see how amazingly important it is for you to fulfill your work on Earth as you designed on a Soul level.
Enjoy the episode!
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Accessing Peace on the Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster with Liz Lear

Do you often flip between fear and peace on your entrepreneurial journey? It’s true that life as an entrepreneur can be a roller coaster of emotions. There are successes and failed launches. You can have confident days and insecure days. Days where you hold an abundant mindset and days where you roll in the energy of scarcity. So, how do you get present to your energy and manage your head space?

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Emotional Healing for Women in Business with Judy O’Higgins

Do you take rejection in your business personally? Are you an approval seeker? Listen to my interview with Judy O’Higgins in this week’s episode where she talks about the common inner blocks that sabotage success and how you can start to heal from them in order to access the next level of success in your business!  Today, Judy is passionate about healing and empowering women in Network Marketing so they can live the best lives and claim the success that’s possible for them in business. But it took her some time to discover her full Soul’s purpose.

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Living Your True Power with Katharine Rossi

Are you having trouble stepping into your own power? Katharine shares about her own process of working through answering the questions “Who am I and What am I here to do?” plus tells us how she walked through the fear of misusing her power to become empowered in her life and sacred business today. I loved her story about how the Spirit animal of Snake from her very first shamanic journey actually revealed this fear to her. Listen in for the full story and catch her tips on how you can get unstuck and live your true power now.

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The Courage to Leap Into a Life You Love with Dawn Kaiser

This week, my guest, Dawn Kaiser and I “go-all-in” on a conversation about surrender and LEAPS OF FAITH! This powerful spiritual leader has really mastered taking leaps of faith in the face of deep fears and now accesses a deep joy in her life and sacred business. She shares her story of how a complete stranger relays a divine message for her which led to her quitting her day job within a week and a half! This was “orgasmic” for me to hear because you know I am all about surrender and I’m a big believer in how fast action reaps big rewards (versus straddling for years — which I’ve also done in the past). Tune in to hear the rest of her story which gave me chills and learn about her R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Joy method which can offer you deep joy in your life now!

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What Your Cranky Self Can Teach You About Wholeness with Sharon Rosen

In this episode, I interview my friend and colleague Sharon Rosen who is a wise woman and expert in so many different types of meditation. My favorite part of the show was when Sharon got down and dirty to explain how “wholeness equals realness“; a quality that can accelerate the success in our sacred business. She also shares how she had to tackle the fearful thought of “who am I to be a spiritual teacher?” on her own Soul Purpose journey as she transitioned from doing massage to becoming a spiritual teacher.

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How Spirit Niched My Business

I am thrilled to connect with you one-on-one in this solo episode and share my personal story of how Spirit ended up niching my business for me last year! You’ll want to tune in to hear how the energetic space was created to make room for these Divine next steps to be revealed. You can also position yourself and your business so that you enter a flow where Spirit leads the way. My hope is that this gives you inspiration and you fully grasp the key step to receiving guidance towards the next level of growth and your Highest path.

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Calling Time Out with Ruth Harrington

Have you ever felt like your life is constantly in the spin cycle and you can’t catch a break to take care of yourself? After 35 years as a nurse, Ruth was exhausted; experiencing insomnia, depression and illness. She was in the spin cycle of work life until Reiki and Divine Angelic guidance helped to heal her body, mind and Soul. Tune in to this episode to hear her amazing journey and learn how you can maintain optimal balance in your life. Since her bounce back to a happier, healthier life filled with Spirit guidance and surrender, Ruth is committed to teaching other Nurses how to call a Time Out so they can better serve themselves and in so doing, better serve their patients and positively impact the patients’ families and beyond.

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The Art of Self Love with Nicole Macey

Do you feel stuck in your life or business? Nicole is a certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader as taught by Louis Hay and she shares with us the deep value of self love and what it can open our lives to when we practice the Art of Self Love. I had a ball talking with Nicole and am also a true believer and advocate for self love as the most efficient healing method out there. If you desire deeper alignment with your highest path, defintely tune in and listen to Nicole’s awesome tips to fold self love into your daily life easily!

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Letting Go to Rediscover the Wonder and Awe in Life with Vickie Washburn

Do you need to raise your vibes and connect once again with the wonder and joy in life? In today’s episode no. 2 with Vickie Washburn, we talk about how to rediscover the wonder and awe in life after your life has undergone some deep changes and shifts. I just love her story of how she picked up the pieces after her long marriage ended and finally found her Purpose and true calling. Her approach to healing is multifaceted with the magic of essential oils included.

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Building Your Mental Muscle with Lou-anne Stefankiw

Ready to learn how to build your mental muscle so you can perform your best and create new success? In this interview with Lou-anne, she shares about her own self sabotage M.O. which was that she tends to quit her goals and projects when she finds herself at the 75% progress mark and just shy from the end success. With this awareness, she kicks her self sabotage autopilot into the “off” position by “digging in” when she gets to the 75% mark. Listen to the interview about what “digging in” means to her and hear Lou-anne’s awesome story!

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