I know you have a burning desire to fulfill your Soul’s Purpose and all you want to do is powerfully serve the world.

But if your sacred business just hasn’t gotten any traction yet, it can be frustrating. I get it. You’ve been spinning your wheels with a ton of marketing courses and have little progress and only a few paid clients to show for it.  Here is where I want to invite you to pause and evaluate the energy you are sitting in because everything is energy. 

If you are not sitting in the right energetic foundation aligned with your truth, your power and your spirit guidance, you can feel stuck in life and business – No matter how much marketing you do.

Ready for the right Soul Clients who say “YES” with joy to your offerings?

Want your business spirit-led so you can feel ease and flow?

Ready to receive financial abundance through your sacred business?

Imagine this….

You are clear and confident about every choice in your business because your Spirit Guides have shown you the way.

Clients arrive at your door and say “I don’t know how I found you but I know I need to work with you.”

Your operate your sacred business with ease and grace and you feel fulfilled on many levels.

Your sacred business generates consistent income.

You evolve spiritually more and more as your business grows.

 If this sounds like the energy you want to shift into, you will want to say “YES” to the opportunity below.

A comprehensive five module course designed to shift you into alignment with your full potential and full expression of your Soul’s Purpose. 

Here’s what you can look forward to: 

A Soul Star Clearing

The Soul Star sits four feet above your crown and holds your Divine Blueprint in your spiritual body. This Clearing will help to remove energetic blocks between your Soul Star and your crown that may be filtering out your divine downloads.

Two Third Eye activations

One is a powerful yet gentle activation offered to us by St. Germaine and the second activation comes from the Cosmic Christ.

Make conscious connection with your team of Spirit Guides

Meet Ascended Master Lord Lanto (Teacher of teachers), your Angels, Power Animal, Ancestor Guide and other “formless” Guides that wish to connect with you on your journey now.

Exercises to ground your “I AM”

A set of three exercises offered to us by the Cosmic Christ to help you establish a connection with your personal “I AM” Presence so you can accelerate on your ascension journey and, in so doing, serve powerfully at the I AM level.

And much more…

You are just an energetic SHIFT away from receiving

Divine downloads at your fingertips!

Imagine having ultimate Divine connection as you serve others!

is designed to:

• AWAKEN old cellular memory

ACTIVATE your Third Eye

• Consciously CONNECT you with your team of Spirit Guides

• Offer you NEXT STEPS on your Soul Purpose journey 

 GROUND you in your “I AM” Presence

Course Modules:


Awaken Cellular Memory

Sacred Intention Form

Three E’s of Existence (MP3 + PDF slides)

Sacred Space of the Heart meditation (MP3)


Third Eye Activations and Detox

Third Eye Activation #1 from St. Germaine (MP3)

Third Eye Activation #2 from Cosmic Christ (MP3)

Pineal Gland Detox Checklist (PDF)


Cultivating Deeper Sensitivity and Awareness of Spirit

Learn an ancient Buddhist meditation to help you prepare your body to make conscious connection with Spirit.


Divine Alignment with your “I AM” Presence

Three powerful exercises to start grounding your “I AM” Presence – Gifted by the Cosmic Christ (MP3)


Divine Downloads from your Guides

Download next steps for your Soul Purpose path with Ascended Master Lord Lanto

Who is on your team of Spirit Helpers? (PDF)

Meet Your Angel for Divine Downloads (MP3) 

Meet Your Power Animal for Divine Downloads (MP3) 

Meet Your Ancestor Guide for Divine Downloads (MP3) 

Meet Your “Other / Formless” Guide for Divine Downloads (MP3)


Soul Star Clearing & The Four Pillars of Ultimate Divine Connection

Soul Star Clearing to release blocks between your crown chakra and your Soul Star so that you may receive more downloads from your Divine Blueprint

The Four Pillars of Ultimate Divine Connection as offered by St. Germaine (MP3)

Four Pillars of Ultimate Divine Connection Workbook (PDF)

In this 100% virtual self-study course, you get a new module in your inbox every week to complete the course. In total, you will receive:

• 12 MP3s to download and listen to at your convenience 

• 12 Handouts 

• 2 Worksheets

More than a $3000 value! 

Check in with your heart now

Are you being called to connect with your “I AM” Presence and accelerate your path towards Soul Purpose Success now?


 If after you work through the five modules over 30 days AND you still feel like you have not met your team of spirit guides, then simply email support@reneeli.net with the subject line “please refund” and we will refund you the price of the course without any questions asked.


OR 3 installments of


“Thank you, Renee! You have helped me open up my abilities and know how to continue to do so. Your presence is just beautiful!”

- Marie


I have found this course very beneficial with lots of healing taking place. I am becoming more at peace with being one with the Divine.

– Ruth


“This course has helped me to find my Spirit Guides. I, now, know who is with me and I am feeling blessed! I feel this will help me with healing work on myself and others.”

- Cathy

New York

͞”The meditation and activation was incredible! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!– Aline


“My biggest takeaway is that Spirit is inside me. I don’t have to look for Him anywhere else as He is always with me. Thank you, Renee! I really appreciate all you have done. It’s been incredible!”

- Linda

Puerto Rico

“I am having good results! I’m truly surprised with the messages that are coming to me. It’s comforting to know that there are so many forms of help.”

- Joy


Why you should take this journey with me

As a direct result of my work with the Cosmic Christ and my personal “I AM” named “I AM One”, I received my light language back in 2015 and started to consciously channel through voice, the Ascended Masters and High Star Beings. 

As I evolved into my own mastery with Spirit connections and started grounding my “I AM”, Spirit became ever more present in my life eager to have me catch up with my Divine Blueprint. The “catching up” mode sometimes feel like a restless urgency from Spirit to have me complete the guided steps. Other times it’s just a deep knowing that my next step is divinely perfect. With each spirit guided step, I have been able to navigate my sacred business to its current level of success with ease and speed.

By following my Spirit guidance, I have flexed my mastery muscle with the energy of surrender and embracing Divine Will. A necessity to come into deep alignment and a divine recipe for the REAL peace and freedom that we all crave.

The process of shifting into alignment with my Divine Blueprint has also taught me how to access my full authentic power which naturally helps me cut through any and all limiting fears as I continue my journey to new levels of Soul Purpose Success and the abundance that comes with it.

What’s possible?

When you use the Activations and exercises in Divine Blueprint Alignment, you are energetically telling the Universe “I am ready to be the hand of God as I originally said I would be.” 

That’s a powerful statement and so the Universe responds back by offering you all the tools, people and situations in life that will set you on your Highest path to clarity, power, success and abundance

You may experience a new level of freedom

You may access more of your authentic power

And as you stand in your power, you may express your Truth in a perfect way that hits the hearts of many in just the right way to heal them. 

You see, what’s possible with this course, is a Divine unfolding of who you really are and what you are to do on this Earth at this time. 

OR 3 installments of


 If after you work through the five modules over 30 days AND you still feel like you have not met your team of spirit guides, then simply email support@reneeli.net with the subject line “please refund” and we will refund you the price of the course without any questions asked.

About Renee Li

Renee Li is an intuitive Soul Purpose Success Mentor, Master Energy Healer and Author. She has been featured in Mindvalley Academy’s Soulvana and Omvana blogs, Creations Magazine, The Edge Magazine, The 2016 Coaches Summit and Badass Leaders Align Retreat with Elizabeth Gilbert. Her mission is to support a new generation of Spiritual Teachers in achieving Soul Purpose Success so the world and beyond can benefit from their light.

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