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Release emotional blocks and claim Peace

Renee Li shares her experiences around two very sudden deaths of loved ones and the emotional imprints left behind by the shock from their passing. You can read about how her subconscious kept these emotional imprints hidden from her for thirty years (including beliefs around abandonment), how it controlled her life creating toxic relationships, and how she soldiered through her own resistance to face the pain in an effort to resolve it once and for all through self-love.

This book explains how she did it, and how you can too.

In this Amazon BEST SELLER, You’ll Learn:

How energetic imprints are created in your cellular memory and how they become energetic BLOCKS over time.

How deeper layers of your emotional body can be accessed.

Four practices used by Renee Li including specific STEP-BY-STEP guide on how to perform those practices.

How self-love is a powerful and EFFICIENT healing method.

“Chock full of wisdom! Renee obviously has the ability to connect with higher consciousness and receive information and instruction about how to heal.” Michelle Martin

Spiritual Intuitive, Award winning writer, Founder of Amethyst Flower Healing Sanctuary

“An inspiring and well written book on how to transform and clear energetic blocks….A great book for anyone on the spiritual path.” Jennifer T. Swenson

Author of Guardian of Auzeria

 the spiritual teachings offered in Peace of the Heart are accessible, heart-filled and powerful. This is a must read for anyone who wishes to transform their life.” Mira Kelley

World renowned past life regression expert and Bestselling Hay House Author of Beyond Past Lives

“Peace of the Heart is truly an important read of our time.” Christina Wahl

Founder of Peaceful Sojourn Therapies

…It is a simply but beautifully written book that I couldn’t put it down.” Hannah Cairns

Crystal healer, Founder of Iris Bluebird Crystal Healing

About the Author

Renee Li is a Spiritual Mentor passionate about supporting Healers in moving past their energetic blocks so that they may serve their Light for the Highest Good of all.