The Body Doesn’t Lie:

Pain in the Body Reveals Energy Blocks to Success and Abundance

In this free training series, I share three personal stories of how pain in my body revealed the energetic blocks I  needed to release in order to step into new levels of success and abundance. The goal of this training is to help you connect with your body and self-reveal the blocks you have that keep you in some kind of holding pattern in your life and business. So, you have the opportunity to go from the energy of “stuck” to the energy of “growth”. Throughout the three parts of this training, I will also be asking you to apply the lessons to your life and biz and invite you to self reveal your blocks to freedom, power, money and all things you desire.

Are you ready for clarity and healing towards new levels of success? Let’s do it!

PART TWO - Past Life Memory Surfaces on the Body

by Renee Li

PART THREE -- Money Block is Revealed Through the Body

by Renee Li

Are you ready to uncover what’s REALLY stopping you on your Soul Purpose Success Journey?

Ready to release the blocks that are keeping you stuck in your holding pattern?

 Let’s look at your core matrix and pinpoint the negative limiting belief from ego that has been running your life and business!

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Energy exchange of $300

About Renee Li

Renee is an intuitive Soul Purpose Success Mentor, Master Healer and Author. Her mission is to support the next generation of Spiritual Teachers and Leaders in walking their Highest path, speaking their truth and showing up in the world as the powerful Spiritual leader they are so all the world and beyond can benefit from their light.

She has been featured in MindValley Academy’s Soulvana and Omvana blogs, Creations Magazine, The Edge Magazine, the 2016 Coaches Summit and the Badass Leaders Align Retreat with Elizabeth Gilbert.