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Transcribed Answers below:

“How do I know who I have a sacred contract with?”

I thought this was just a perfect question to start it off with. So how do I know who I have a sacred contract with? Here’s the thing. Usually it’s the students that will register, the sacred contract, on a cellular level. So, it’s usually the student that will have experiences like, “Oh I got goosebumps when I heard your story,” or, “I just felt this connection with you, or I just know.”

Or literally, spirit may tell them, that this happened to a client of mine last month. She said for the first time, she was like, “Ah I just experienced a soul client!” She was sharing her retreat coming up, she shared the price, and this one lady basically said to her, “You know, I was hesitating when I heard the price, but spirit literally told me I have to work with you.” And so that’s what it is for the student on their end of it, that’s how they experience recognizing the sacred contract.

Now from a teaching perspective, you may know. You may have a sense of, “Hmm, that person without value would receive value from my course, or my program. That person feels like a good fit for my program.” So you may have this knowing on the teacher end. But you the teacher are also a student, so I want you to flip it around, Diana, and check in. Like when you met your different spiritual teachers, mentors, and coaches, how did you know they were right for you?

So, it’s usually on the student end that they register, knowing the sacred contract is there, on a cellular level. So that’s the kind of ease you want in your business. When people come up to you and say, “Hey, this happened and that happened, and three times it showed up in my life, and so I just knew that this is my right next step.” Those synchronicities, those experiences are what reveal to us the sacred contract that one teacher will have with a student.

“Magnetic,” says Liz, yeah. You can feel it, right? It’s interesting, because Liz, she had been on my list for number of years, really since I started I think. And she told me, before we worked together, she said, and I think it’s okay to share this, right Liz? Tell me if it’s not. She just kind of knew that we could work together at some point, she just kind of felt that attraction. It wasn’t until I legally changed my name, and some of you may not be aware of this. But in 2000 and, what was it, ’15, I legally changed my name to Renee Li. So I had my Chinese name along with a hyphenated last name, along with my husband’s last name. And I totally changed up my entire name, it was spirit guided, it was something I needed to do to shift my own energy in that year. And once I did that, it got really clear. She was like, “I need to work with Renee.”

And that actually happened with two other clients in 2015 as well, which is really interesting. And that goes to show you how much power there is in a name as well. But that’s a whole other conversation.

So yeah, they just know. And so don’t worry about you as the teacher, you don’t have to worry about knowing. You just have to be, and we’re going to talk about how to be, be a certain way to attract them. Because they’ll just come. There’s not that much doing in the attraction, in the attracting energy. So we’re going to get to that in a second. Thank you Diana for that question. So again, sacred contract, the students will really register on a cellular level.


What is an ego mask, and what is a fear shield?

So for those of you that did not attend the last master class that I gave, I think it was just a week and a half ago maybe. The ego mask and the fear shield is something that we all have. It’s actually the autopilot of our life. It has dictated how our life goes, and that’s what we feel [inaudible 00:08:09]. It’s like, hey, my heart says I want X, but I keep getting Y. And that’s because the fear shield and ego mask keep redirecting you to the same results, instead of kind of spinning off and grabbing onto a brand-new experience, which is what you really want.

So, what is the ego mask? It’s when you feel like you’ve got to be put together, you’ve got to be all buttoned up. When you feel like, for example, my mountain move, so I’ll share this. Originally, I was waiting for everything to fall into place. For the new place to be secured, for the current place to be on the market and selling, I wanted everything to be put in place before I shared. And then I realized, that is a bit of a mask, right? It’s this need, it’s this desire to look a certain way. That’s a mask, that’s your ego. Oh I can’t share this right now in my life because I wouldn’t look put together, I won’t look professional, I won’t look blah blah blah. It’s this need and desire to look a certain way, which is ego-based. It puts on a mask, right? So you’re not showing, revealing the real you. So that’s the ego mask. So consider in your life, where have you held off sharing because you needed everything buttoned up, and you wanted to look a certain way.

The fear shield, when you have fears, like the fear of rejection, you put up a shield, because duh, rejection hurts. Rejection makes you feel real small, it hurts, it’s uncomfortable. Possibly you may be way too familiar with what it feels like to be rejected, and so you just don’t want that anymore. And so you put up a wall. You could see it as a wall, I called it a shield. And so, fear will do that just automatically.

When you have this fear, it’s fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of not being loved, and it just hurts too much. So you put up that wall, you put up that shield. And so that’s what the ego mask and fear shield is. And what does it do? Let’s really think about it for a quick second here. What does that do? How does that serve you, that ego mask and that fear shield. How does that serve you? I’m going to share this out to the group again. How does that really serve you?

It certainly serves to protect you, right? It makes you feel safe, it protects you. But what’s the disservice there? So it serves you, in the sense that it protects you, but there’s also a disservice. And the disservice part is, hey, you don’t get to serve your soul clients. There it is. If you keep with the ego mask and the fear shield, you’re not going to get to serve your soul clients.

So, when you hold on to it, the mask, the shield, number one it’s a lot of work, because you’re holding on to them, holding it up. And two, it doesn’t allow you to reach out to people, it doesn’t allow you to connect with people, and that’s such a human need, isn’t it? Connection. It doesn’t allow you to connect with people, and it certainly doesn’t allow you to send off the right signals to attract your soul clients, because you’re not being you. When you have that ego mask and the fear shield, you’re not being you. And so people don’t, your soul clients can’t find you. That’s the bottom line, they’re unable to find you, because they’re looking for the real you, but you’re putting up a different front. You’re trying to be somebody like. You’re trying to be this other type of person, maybe your own coach, maybe you’re trying to channel your coach, when really you just need to be you, to send off that right signal.


“What can I expect to walk away with from the retreat in Montana?”

So, the retreat is called Signaling your Soul Clients, and really what we’re going to do is have an opening ceremony, because I really believe in ceremony. The opening ceremony is going to be the third eye activation from the cosmic, and then the closing ceremony is going to be the ascension ceremony with St. Germain.

And the reason I have those two there by the way, I’ll get to the meat of the content in a minute. But the reason I sandwich it with those two amazing ceremonies is because energy … Energy, the soul alignment with the divine blueprint is so key. It’s kind of like left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot. So you’ve got to really keep working with your spiritual evolution, and opening up your third eye, connecting with your spirit guides so you can hear the next steps. Then you take the next step, and then you want to dive deeper into your relationship with your guides. So it’s like a left foot, right foot kind of a thing. It’s so necessary, the right energy plus the right action. And so I never forget to put those two things in all of my retreats, the third eye activation from the cosmic [inaudible 00:13:53], in that second ceremony.

In the middle of the retreat, the main content is really going to be exploring what is visibility, and how can you be more visible in your business so that you can attract your soul clients? And what we’re going to do is identify your root fears. What are your shields? What is that mask that you’ve been wearing? And we’re going to really dig deep, so it’s an intimate group, we’re going to dig deep and go, “Well why? How has it served us? What has the payoff been?” And we’re going to work to really give you the strength as a group to let go, put down that mask and that shield, so you could be truly visible, truly visible.

And I promise you, things are going to come up. This is not just a lecture. So, if you’re thinking about, “Oh let me go attend, and just kind of take notes,” that’s not what this retreat is about at all. So, you’re going to share, you will have to share. You don’t have to share, but things are going to come up. Absolutely. When you sign onto a transformational program like this, or any other transformational program, energy dictates that, the things that need to get addressed, because you’ve said yes to something. You’ve said yes to a program, to a retreat. And so your spirit guides start working with you right away, and start preparing the things that need to be addressed, and released, and lifted, and shifted, in order for you to claim that which you said yes to.

So what you say yes to when you sign onto a transformational program or a retreat like mine coming up, is the breakthrough, the possibilities that you have been unable to anchor. That’s what you say yes to. And so the work starts to happen on an energetic level. And I hope I’m not talking too fast, I tend to do that when I’m super passionate. And I also know I have a lot of questions. So that’s the retreat, expect to identify your root fears to create huge energetic shifts. Really transform your beliefs.

You’re going to walk away with a new energy, more power. And then you’re going to be armed with a plan. So on day two of our retreat together, what we’re doing. Yeah, thanks Dawn. Is creating, or fine tuning into what is your unique message for the world. Because you have one, you really have one. So we’re going to go through some exercises that will help you to start to kind of uncover what’s there, what’s your mastery, what’s going on. And through the series of exercises that we’re going to walk through, you’re going to start to see what that unique message is. And so we’re going to build on that when we start to create a strategy for your visibility content, for social media and beyond.

So that’s the other deliverable from day two. You will actually walk away with the strategy of plan. You’re going to be armed with a plan on how to offer yourself up. A more effective way, visibility wise, in your business. And that’s how you send the right signal. So that’s what the retreat is all about.

And I’m just going to quickly scan over to my retreat page by the way, which is reneeli.net/retreat. We’ll be talking about universal laws of course, we’re all energy beings, and we are run by universal laws. That’s the container that we live in. So, we’re definitely going to talk about universal laws and how we can play with that in order to gain the success that we seek.

And by the way, there’s a bonus. So, before I get to Dawn’s question, which is awesome, “What is a practice I can do to reset my limiting beliefs as they arise when serving my soul clients.” I’m going to answer it in one second, but I want to tell you, since we’re talking about the retreat. Today is the last day to get three private coaching calls from me when you sign up for the retreat. So if you’re called to be there, please honor your guidance and be there. So again, three private coaching calls with me, which will really help you anchor yourself into that new energy, which you will shift into at the retreat. So that’s super valuable.


“What are some ways that I can make myself visible to my soul clients that are different than what other teachers are doing?”

In that question, there is the energy of comparing. What are some ways I can make myself visible to my soul clients that are different than what other teachers are doing? And here’s what I have to say to that. You, and Liz, and Ruth, and Susan, and all the … Me, we’re all really doing the same thing. We’re bringing people, we’re all alchemists in our own right.

We’re bringing people from stress to peace, in the case of Liz. We’re bringing people from struggle to joy, I guess, with Dawn. We’re bringing people from fear to. Or fear into power. So we are just helping folks. We’re the bridge, think about it that way. We’re the bridge, and we’re helping people get from one part in their life to another energetic point in their life.

And so, we’re all really doing the same work. And when you believe that, there is no comparing, because the only thing that will distinguish you from other folks, from other teachers. The only thing that will distinguish you from other teachers is your unique voice, your unique story, your unique message. Even though if you boil it all down, it is all the same, from fear to love. All the same. And by the way, everything that people are teaching, everything that [inaudible 00:37:36] taught, everything that Dr. Wayne Dyer taught. None of it is new. None of it is new. This is all old wisdom that is getting re-accessed and shared as people hear it. Because different people will hear it at different times, and that’s why, it just keeps needing to get shared over and over again. Everything is perfect. None of this wisdom is new.

So I want you to know that. Just be you and you will be visible to your soul clients. Does that make sense? Yeah because when you start comparing, “Well how can I stand out?” That energy of comparing can really feel heavy. And then all of a sudden you’re not just being, that’s a really great indicator. Am I trying to do something, or am I just being me? Am I just being my heart, being my truth, being my soul?

So no more comparing. And just own, own your own unique story, your own unique voice. And that’s what’s going to help you really just be, and attract your soul clients. Awesome.


“How do you suggest reconfiguring or resetting to get back to the right energy when you’ve attracted great clients, and then you start to freak out.”

I love that. Who hasn’t had a freak out, right? Like that’s the whole journey of growth, so I love that question, thank you Liz. And Dawn asked it, the same question, just in a different way. She said, “What is a practice I can do to reset my limiting beliefs as they arise when serving my soul clients?” So the bottom line is this, and Liz referred to what I call the rubber band effect.

So here’s the breakdown, this is how energy works in your business as you grow. You know your soul purpose, you know what you’re called to do, so you do it. And so what happens is you, being the rubber band, you stretch yourself. So you go, “Oh, maybe I want to do retreats now.” So you kind of say, “Okay, here’s a small workshop, and now I’m gonna expand my rubber band to do retreats.” And so that stretching out of your comfort zone, that stretching into something new can feel a little scary, certainly. It can feel uncomfortable. If you think about it, if you’re that rubber band, and you’re being stretched, and you’re taut, if you’re not holding that stretch for a longer period of time, it’s easy to snap back.

And when you have clients, let’s say you have a workshop or retreat you signed on for new clients, and you’re going, “Yay I got my clients,” and you can’t wait to serve them. And then as the weeks go by, and the time starts … The day that you’re gonna lead the workshop or the retreat starts nearing, you go, “Oh my god, what if,” your mind starts coming in. “What if they don’t like me? What if I say the wrong thing? What if I don’t look prepared? What if I just can’t do it?” And so these old stories, and that’s what they are, these old stories will start to come back and snap you back from that stretch that you’re trying to hold.

Because it’s two different vibrations. You have the vibration of the old story, which is the old, familiar low vibration, that’s kept you playing small. And then you’ve got this higher vibration, which you’ve stretched to reach. You’ve stretched that rubber band, you’ve stretched yourself to access and to experience that brand new energy, which is high vibration, getting new clients for that retreat or event or workshop or program. And then the old you, the old you says, “But wait a minute, this is too uncomfortable, this is not me, and what if they find out?” And so it’s just your ego trying to pull you back, trying to snap you back into the old familiar.

Old familiar, because what’s out there, it’s the unknown. When you stretch yourself, you’re stretching into brand new experiences that you’ve never had before. And so that’s the unknown. And that’s always scary, isn’t it? Especially if you’re a control freak like me, if you’re just too comfortable with where you’ve been. Stretching to new experiences can feel super uncomfortable.

And so it’s normal, so that’s the first thing, I want everyone to know that it’s completely normal. This is the process of growth. As you stretch and stretch and stretch and stretch the rubber band, there are going to be times where you go, “Oh my god, it’s too uncomfortable, let me just go back to the familiar.” That’s a natural response. [inaudible 00:22:13]. We like things that are familiar.

So what do you do in the face of that? And it’s so interesting, because at that moment when you realize that you’re freaking out, there’s a choice point there. You can choose to, it’s like exercising and yoga, and you’re stretching. It’s like, you can train your muscles, right? You can train your muscles to hold that pose longer, how do you do that? You practice by holding that stretch a little longer every time. And so you get that choice point, when you’re at the thought or being with four, five, six clients, and trying to perform. You have a choice point. Do I want to go back to the old familiar, or do I really want to hold this stretch a little longer? Be in this experience a little longer, and kind of shush out the old story. It’s a choice point.

And here’s some exercises, practical exercises that you can use to check yourself. So number one, be the observer. Oh, I’m freaking out, awesome. Be the observer. And two, what you really want to do is put it to words. Because if you don’t put it to words, and you’re not conscious of it, then the subconscious autopilot kicks in and you might start to self-sabotage your event, or your program. So keep your eyes on it, keep your awareness on it. Observe it, I’m freaking out. This is the energy. And you start to put words to it. What is that [inaudible 00:23:48] belief that’s snapping you back? What is that old time story? What is it that you’re saying about yourself. And you could certainly write it down, I tend to just kind of hold space in my mind and think it through, really being the observer.

What is it here? Why am I feeling this way? Where does this come from? How does this serve me? And think about it. So if you’re freaking out, and you’re going, “Oh my god, I don’t know how I’m going to perform,” what is the fear underneath that? Really dig. This is you holding space to self-reveal. Really dig, like what is the fear here? What is the worst possible outcome that I am scared of? And just get present to that fear, and know that you have a choice, to let that fear run your life another day, or to let it go. Or to let it go. It really is simply a choice.

But I’m going to offer you some mindset fixes as well. So what I want you to remember is that you know your stuff. You do, don’t you? If you were put in an empty room and you were told, “Teach,” you’d just start teaching. You know your stuff. But now that you have great clients that are going to be in the room, all of a sudden you’re afraid of their judgments. You’re afraid of their judgment. And you’re afraid of looking bad. But you know your stuff, so sit in that space of you are a master at what you’re going to teach, because you really are. You know your stuff.

And the clients, by the way, they were attracted to you because they registered the wisdom that you embody. And that’s what they’re there for, that’s why they’re attending your class or your retreat. They have registered energetically. The wisdom that you embody that they want. So they believe in you, they know you’ve got what they need to change their life. Right?

So shift into that perspective of, “I do know my stuff. I’m a master at what I teach,” because you are. You’ve got your content. And when you let the fear go, or simply be with it, you don’t necessarily have to release it. But be with it. When you’re being with the fear, the fear doesn’t have power over you. You’re not a victim of the fear. So you’re taking your power back by saying, “Hey, I see you. You’re the fear, you’re making me freak out, and that’s totally cool. I embrace you. Thanks for being here, now let’s go lead this retreat.”

How does that feel for you guys, for those of you tuning in? Owning your mastery. So the freaking out is totally normal, totally normal. And you just have to get clear on hey, if I follow this path, and let my freak out, let my fear run the show yet again, what happens down the line? If I let go, excuse me. If I follow this fear and let this fear sabotage this event, because that’s a choice, you could totally cancel the event. What do I get out of it? What is the payoff? ‘Cause there’s always a payoff.

Human nature says you will only do things if it serves you. So the fear is serving you in some way. There is this payoff. What is the payoff? For me, thinking back on that rubber band effect that Liz referenced in her question, her voicemail. For me it was my mother kind of triggering me, and bringing me to this anger energy, which snaps me back from this high vibration embrace around my success. And she snaps me back whenever I get angry. And so the payoff there was when I really got clear, the payoff was I get to be safe. I get to feel like I’m at the top of the ladder, so to speak. It’s again, the ego. It’s safe to be the big fish in a small pond.

But then when you stretch yourself, and you experience it. For me, my new stretch would be to go beyond the states with my retreats. So I’ve gone coast to coast with my different retreats. Toronto is certainly calling me. And what if I did one in London? That would feel like a stretch. So check in with yourself, what’s your next stretch? How does that feel? It feels a little wild, because you don’t know what that’s going to be like. You don’t know what you don’t know. It’s a brand new experience.

And so the snapping back of that rubber band is like safety. It’s safety. We allow the snapping back … You’re welcome. We allow the snapping back because it feels safe. And I want you to take personal responsibility for this too. We allow the snapping back, because like I said earlier, it’s a choice point. We can choose to hold that stretch, it’s like in yoga, hold that stretch a little longer to build that mastery muscle. Or you can choose to allow yourself to snap back.

So yeah, and Liz says thank you, and Dawn says, “Love the statement, I am a master at what I teach.” Absolutely. And also know that your soul clients are going to be really just a couple of steps behind you. So you do know a bit more. Again they’re registering that wisdom you embody. So just be you and they’re gonna get exactly what they need. They’re gonna get exactly what they need.

Also, thank you for that question, yay! And I love that you both had really the same question, because in truth, that’s how it always works, doesn’t it? So thank you for showing up and asking your question.


“How do I make sure I’m tuning in to the right energy every day to attract my soul clients?

Attracting your soul clients is not a doing. It’s not a worrying, it’s certainly not a chasing. It’s attracting. So the key is just to be. When you are just being you, you attract. When you are not simply being, like being in the now moment, being in the present, simple being. When you’re not being, and you’re doing, and you’re … All these activities. That prevents you from simply being in the now.

And so those are two different types of energies, so I want you to get clear on how attraction, attracting your soul clients, is really just a state of being. So how do you be? You really want to be your true self. You want to be your truth, you want to be your heart, and you want to be your soul. Right?

So check in with your different, perhaps, marketing activities lately. Have you been really in this relaxed state of being in the moments? And being in joy as you do the different things, as you share your truth, and share your heart, and share your emails. Are you this energy of just being, and in joy. Or are you in this different energy of “I have to get X, Y, Z with this email, and I have to get this result with that.” Is there attachment there? Because when you’re just being, there is no attachment, right? When you’re just being, it’s just such a peaceful, calm, relaxed state without attachment.

When you’re doing, there tends to be a lot of attachment. And sometimes even overwhelm. When you start to feel overwhelmed in your business, that’s a big indicator that you’re doing versus being. Does that help, Dawn?

So there’s no daily practice, per se. Let’s see. Let me see. Okay, so you could, in the morning, in order to help you to remember to just let go and be, you could wake up and just say, “Thy will be done.” Right? That could help you shift right into being, versus trying to create and do. Thy will be done. Thy will be done in me. And then you just be. And then whatever God’s will is, will be. So there, that’s what you could do if you wanted a natural practice. Thy will be done, and help shift you into being. Awesome.


“How do I know what my soul clients want to hear about in my blogs? What do my soul clients want to hear about in my blogs, my posts, Facebook Lives, or should I just talk about what I want to talk about?”

So I’m going to offer another mindset fix there. Instead of trying to figure out what they want to hear, they will always want to hear what you are living, and they will always want to see how you’re being. That’s how you attract your soul clients. So just kind of flip that mindset if you will. Instead of trying to figure out, well what is it they need? Because we can do that, we can create surveys and polls, and say, “What do you guys want to learn next?” You can certainly do that.

I would suggest tuning into you, and just kind of asking what is it that I want to share today? What is it that will excite me to share with my tribe today? And that’s the true signal of your soul. That’s the energy that will attract your soul clients. So you don’t have to be a certain way to deliver a message that you think your soul clients want. ‘Cause they’ll always just want to hear the wisdom that you embody, always. The wisdom that you already embody. So tune into that. What part of my wisdom would serve everyone right now, if I shared it? What part of my wisdom, what part of the wisdom that I embody will serve others if I shared it right now. I like that one, do you?


If you’re called to join my retreat, by the way, October 7th through the 9th, Signaling Your Soul Clients. Please do know that the special bonus for the free private coaching calls with me will expire today at midnight. If you are called to start shifting your energy, to really work your light in fullness. because you know you are meant to serve, you know what your message is, you know how much it can transform people’s lives you know it.

But now it’s time to scale it so that you can really make the impact that you are meant to have in this world. And so let’s get you attracting your soul clients. Because they’re also waiting for you too, that’s the bottom line. They’re waiting for you. So once that mask, that ego mask does down, once that fear shield goes down. Once that mastery muscle is built to keep it down, then you start to really tap into your full potential. Really tap into your full potential, and that is really so exciting, because your whole life will change. The lives of your clients will change, but your life will change too.