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I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for over ten years and I have had to master many fears to walk away from a six figure business when the God bread crumbs showed up and asked me to step into my spiritual business with both feet. That move to “go all in” brought me into alignment with my divine blueprint and I found my deeper soul’s purpose; which is to align the new generation of spiritual teachers, healers and coaches with their full potential and power so they can achieve soul purpose success.

It is my belief that you have been strategically placed here and now with the level of consciousness that you have, plus the life journey that you have lived in order to help Earth and mankind anchor into higher dimensional frequencies during these days of ascension.

You are a part of the new generation of spiritual leaders and the world needs you now! 



At a Glance: Moments and events that have shaped me

•  I had my first vision of spirit at age eight during a meditation sit with my grandmother.

•  My deceased grandfather was a shaman in Burma and guides me from the other side.

•  I have completed multiple ten-day silent vipassana meditation retreats with the now passed S.N. Goenka Gyi.

•  I entered nunhood for a short period, as is the custom in Burma for all young adults.


•  I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher since 2011 and started working at the “I AM” level in 2015 after an intense introduction to the Cosmic Christ through my Divine mentor, Christina Kennedy.

•  I started connecting with my personal “I AM” as a teenager without understanding it. Only in 2015 when I worked with the Cosmic Christ, were these experiences made clear.

•  I juggle with the best of mompreneurs. I have two school age children who are the brightest souls with full self expression and divine creativity oozing out of them. Proud mama here!

True measure of deep impact and ‘Soul Purpose Success’

It is my deepest belief that money can be absolutely be a measure of your impact and success (with the exception for the small minority of lightworkers who are asked not to handle money and only accept donations in envelopes…but you wouldn’t be here on this webpage if you fell into that category). Money is simply energy and used for energy exchange. 

Let’s say you have a coaching package to sell and there are three different price points you are considering.  The lowest price point is represented by a small container. The medium price point is represented by a medium container. The higher price point is represented by the largest container. — Whichever price you sell at, that client may only receive the breakthrough that are no bigger than the container size with which they paid you. WHY?

Because Universal Law says, …

balance is critical to holding the fabric of existence in tact. 

Money payments are literally an exchange of energy.

Since 2015, I’ve successfully enrolled clients at the four and five figure levels.  And, I can tell you that the breakthroughs my clients achieve at higher price points are permanant shifts in energy that help increase their self worth, own their value, take back their power, get visible, and attract Soul Clients who joyfully say “YES” to their offerings. The HEALING that brings them to that place of BEING are breathtakingly juicy and deep. I have been falling in love with my Soul’s work more and more with each year and everytime I raise my prices. 

Are you ready to shift your energy to attract Soul Clients in your business?

Fear, Faith and Freedom

As I aligned with my Divine blueprint and walked my Highest path, I received many blessings as a byproduct of my commitment to Soul Purpose Success.  Not only have I seen monetary reward through my sacred business but I have also deepened my connection with my Spirit Guides, received my light language back in 2015, connected with my personal “I AM” named “I Am One”, and began channeling Spirit in new ways. 

By following Spirit guidance, I have also come to understand surrender and Divine Will. This is the Divine recipe for REAL peace and freedom that we all crave.

And, of course, I cannot have a conversation about Soul Purpose Success without talking about fear because, BOY, are there fears along this journey! As I learned to master fear through years, I have been able to reclaim more of my authentic power which translates to a higher vibration and self ascension. 

Integrated Energy Therapy, Master-Instructor

 Violet Flame Ascended Mastery

 Awaken the Illuminated Heart, School of Remembering

 New Paradigm MDT, Basic Master

 Usui Reiki Ryoho, Master/Teacher

 Violet Flame Reiki, Master

 Karuna Ki, Master



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