You are spiritual teacher with deep wisdom in your cells and a desire to be of service deep in your heart.

You want to serve more people,… more deeply,… AND get paid for it. 

I get it!

Hi, I’m Renee, a Soul Purpose Success mentor, Master healer/teacher since 2011, author and speaker.

work with spiritual teachers and leaders to help them achieve new levels of success in their sacred business.  I believe that everything is energy so I offer a holistic approach in my work with clients; including healing sessions with their “I AM”, mindset shifts for abundance and visibility breakthroughs, in addition to online marketing strategies to attract their Soul clients

My mission is to support the new generation of spiritual teachers and leaders in walking their Highest path, speaking their truth and showing up in the world as the powerful spiritual leader they truly are so that all the world and beyond can benefit from their light.

Are you ready for a holistic approach to manifest success through your sacred business?

The right energetic alignment is key in order for the right marketing strategies to bring you successful results. 

WATCH below for tips on how you can shift your energy to attract success:

Learn the real reason you may not be LIFTING off in your business. 
You get to say what kind of clients you attract.
 Get to know the TRUE opposite of Fear and how to shift beyond it! 

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“There’s an empowering feeling of freedom and independence that I am truly experiencing again for the first time in many years. Thank you, Renee, for your spiritual guidance! Your mentorship has given me a whole new meaning to the words love and life. I am healing. This is a very exciting time for me!”

- Ruth

Serenity Coach and Healer,

“Thank you, Renee! I really appreciate all you have done. It’s been incredible!”

- Linda

Puerto Rico

“Renee opened my heart to release anger and fear and invite spirit as an active guide in my life. I learned to truly surrender in the sacred space she held for me.”

- Elizabeth

Yoga and Spiritual Teacher,

“Thank you, Renee! You have helped me open up my abilities and know how to continue to do so. Your presence is just beautiful! Blessings to you and your family!”

- Marie


“You helped me unleash my purpose. I finally can see how I have prevented my own forward progress and I have walked through that resistance. I can feel the energy change very clearly. Thanks for your help with that Renee”

- Susan, Mid-life Freedom Coach

“Renee has helped me to find my Spirit Guides. I, now, know who is with me and I am feeling blessed! I will continue to develop my relationship with my Guides. In doing so, I feel this will assist my healing work on myself and with clients.”

- Cathy

New York

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