A one-on-one intensive to fast-track

your energetic alignment and help you 

manifest your soul purpose like a Master




You Have a Burning Desire to Serve Spiritually. 

So, Why Is It Such A Struggle to Manifest Your Soul Purpose?

How would you like to live in Divine Flow instead?

Does a life where people naturally align to support you, where work flows with ease and high energy sound like a fantasy? Most of us struggle, even after we’ve awakened spiritually, to overcome the fears, limitations and false beliefs keeping us stuck in lives that don’t fit. I dare you to let go of these boundaries for a moment, and imagine:





So, what’s the secret? Divine Alignment. Once you are tuned in to your true soul purpose and open to divine guidance, life starts to flow. Relationships, business and spirituality all open to a new plane of ease. Sound out of reach? Good news: I can help you get there.

My Purpose: To Help You

It’s my soul purpose to help spiritual teachers, leaders and authors like you release limitations and find your purposeful track in life. When you move through life in Alignment, your next steps are clear, your intuition honed and the cloudiness of self doubt and fear gone. It’s amazing how these mountains fade away when we shift into Divine Alignment.

Are you craving a life of purpose, but not sure how to move forward? Do you consistently hit road blocks on your path? I’ve been there and I was able to navigate through it successfully to live my Purpose according to Divine Will. I can show you how. May I now take your hand and guide you past this place of struggle? Together, we can find your flow!

Your Life in Flow

Imagine the possibilities of life in Divine Alignment. This could be you!

  • Students around the globe seek YOU for guidance, Wisdom and healing
  • You transform thousands of lives with your sacred work….doing what you were born to do, and, no coincidence, what you love!
  • You are deeply connected to your students, your life and your God
  • Spiritually, you are highly evolved, because you are in complete alignment
  • As you face life’s challenges, you are unstoppable and always ready for the next level of sacred work

How Would It Feel to Powerfully Serve?

Many aspiring spiritual teachers, leaders and authors know deep down that they are meant to support the transformation and healing of others. But, not everyone knows how to transform themselves into the powerful leader they know they are meant to be.



Not sure what to focus your teachings on?

Shy about public speaking?

Distracted by daily life?

Delayed serving your purpose?

Feeling called to write a book, but have no idea what to write about?

Held back by guilt, fear or shame?

Stuck in resistance or overwhelm?

Worried about what others think of you?

Seeking deeper connection in your relationships?

These are big challenges, and I don’t want to diminish this reality. But, what if you had the clarity, the focus and the courage to overcome them? It’s possible. Really! I’m living proof.

You CAN have a prospering sacred business with worldwide reach.

Like many spiritual teachers, I started out as an energy healer. I quickly mastered eight healing modalities and became a Reiki Master/Teacher and IET Master Instructor. My true purpose was stirring. I was fortunate to find spiritual mentors along the way who helped guide me into Divine Alignment.

In 2014, I summoned the courage to start writing my first book. It was something I had been guided to do for eight years but resisted. When I finally sat down to write it, it took just eight months to complete all eight chapters. I self-published Peace of the Heart on Kindle in June 2015. Within 36 hours of launch, it shot up to the #2 bestseller position on Kindle in the Short Reads/Self-help category with more than 600 downloads. As I watched it peak, I broke down in my kitchen and cried. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to serve others with my story. That, my friend, is flow.


Today I am an intuitive Soul Purpose Success Mentor serving the next generation of spiritual teachers, leaders and authors like you. I have been featured in Mindvalley Academy’s Soulvana and Omvana blogs, Creations Magazine, The Edge Magazine , the 2016 Coaches Summit, Sustainable Success 2017 and the Badass Leaders Align Retreat. 

In just the first two years of going ALL IN with my Soul purpose, I now have an  online reach of more than 10,000, including over 2,000 subscribers and students from all over the world.

I’m here to help you find your purpose, your aligned path. I offer much more than how-to business guidance. I will access your core matrix of beliefs, limitations and emotional imprints so that you can heal and connect at the soul level.

“Thank you, Renee! I really appreciate all you have done. It’s been incredible!

- Linda (Puerto Rico)

Intuitive Healing Jewelry Designer , www.etsy.com/shop/DivinItaDesigns

I have to thank you, Renee! One of the many things that stuck with me from our VIP Alignment Day is that every incredibly positive action may have the opposite trying to pull you back. (welcome to being human) The awareness of that, and desire to continue to move forward (even just 1 step at a time) has truly propelled me and made me unstoppable no matter what. Now my clients are growing faster than ever, my group is growing and my continued action in that direction has sparked that. — Thanks to you I see my gifts, and I see my purpose, and I see how to continue to move forward!”

- Teany (New York)

Inner Bliss Coach , www.sanesewellness.com

“I just want to thank  you, Renee, for an amazing (and intense!) VIP Alignment Day. You are a powerful facilitator and guide. I appreciate you more than I can articulate!”

- Christina (California)

Natural Healing Strategist , www.christinawahl.com

Being an amazing teacher in your personal circle is one thing, making it a spiritual career with global reach is quite another. Don’t play small any longer.

Are you ready to step into your power and work your purpose with a plan?

the-world-4Choose to work with me one-on-one, and you’ll have my sacred partnership and support as you shed personal limitations and begin to shine, to flow.

My soul purpose is to help align you with your authentic Power and shepherd your transformation into a fearless ambassador of Om Wisdom here on Earth. I was gifted a sacred vision in which the souls I serve are beautiful golden light doorways offering others access to powerful transformation and ascension. Your impact on the world and beyond could be of cosmic proportions!

My role as your mentor is a divine assignment, and you’ll get my full energy and attention during our time together.

Is your purpose knocking? Let’s open the doorway and ignite your light!

What You Can Expect

When you invest in working privately with me, you can expect my undivided attention as we look at where you are now, why you are still here and how to fast track you back into Divine Alignment. I will call on your active engagement and input, as true transformation is only possible through action. You won’t sit back and hear me lecture. Together, we will actively evaluate your energy and release old patterns as we go. You can trust that I will know when you need a gentle push to dive deep, and when you need to simply be. 

My signature approach to help you blossom into a fearless ambassador of Om Wisdom:

  • Powerful healing sessions with your I AM and guides. I bring your I AM into our full practice to guide Divine Alignment.
  • Intuitive and insightful coaching to reveal and reprogram your core matrix of limiting beliefs and fears.
  • Action steps for you to shake off negative patterns and start teaching fearlessly immediately.






Feeling a few butterflies in your stomach? Are the cells in your body humming with excitement? That’s great! It’s completely NORMAL to experience these sensations when you crest a new threshold for growth and expansion. Your physical sense of excitement is your sign that you are on the right path. I get tingly when I think about the juicy possibilities awaiting you!

Meaningful Results 


What’s not working in your life? What’s holding you back from speaking your truth, owning your power, and passionately serving all those you are meant to serve? Imagine how life would be if you could:

  • End self sabotage
  • Speak with confidence and authority
  • Proactively seek and respond to opportunities
  • Own your power without shame or guilt
  • Rise above negativity
  • Move forward fearlessly
  • Stop the inner naysay chatter
  • Access divine guidance
  • Open your intuition
  • Feel boundless energy and passion
  • Access peace of the heart
  • Know in your heart that you are always divinely supported in your purpose

These are just some of the beautiful, priceless gifts my mentees have welcomed into their new lives of flow after working with me. These are blessings that I experience myself, and I have practical strategies to help you get there, too.

“Renee opened my heart to release anger and fear and invite spirit as an active guide in my life. I learned to truly surrender in the sacred space she held for me.”

- Elizabeth (Ohio)

Yoga and Spiritual Teacher , www.spiritspur.com

“There’s an empowering feeling of freedom and independence that I am truly experiencing again for the first time in many years. Thank you, Renee, for your spiritual guidance! Your mentorship has given me a whole new meaning to the words love and life. I am healing. This is a very exciting time for me!”

Ruth (Iowa)

Serenity Coach, www.facebook.com/ruthharrington444

“You helped me unleash my purpose. I finally can see how I have prevented my own forward progress and I have walked through that resistance. I can feel the energy change very clearly. Thanks for your help with that Renee”

– Susan (Colorado)


Are You Ready to Shift Your Energy into Divine Alignment?

Let me help you find your flow. Work with me privately through a VIP Alignment Day.



VIP Alignment Day

This one-on-one intensive is designed to help you achieve extreme clarity and confidence to jumpstart your alignment with your Soul Purpose. We will convene for a full day via Skype or phone. You will walk away with an Alignment and Growth action plan for you to engage after our one-on-one VIP Alignment Day.







Once your application is accepted, payment is due. Next, you’ll receive an email from me with details on how to prepare for your VIP Alignment Day. I’ll share guidance for crafting your sacred intention statement, which will direct our day.

You’ll receive your free Bonus materials (see below) immediately upon full payment.


__We’ll get started around 10:00AM EST with a review of your sacred intention statement, goals for the day plus a review of the energy healing session with your “I AM” from the night prior.

The first interactive hours, we’ll focus on your core matrix beliefs to align you with your sacred intention, goals and the person you truly are.

After a lunch break, we’ll spend much of the afternoon shaping an actionable plan to anchor the new alignment and help you manage it successfully moving forward. We’ll also define next steps to continue your push to greater expansion and spiritual growth.

We will wrap up around 4:00PM EST. Our entire session will be recorded and accessible within 48 hours of our day together.


A week or so after your VIP Alignment Day, we’ll hop on the phone for 30 to 45 minutes to discuss adjustments and any follow-up questions, timely support as you translate your alignment and growth plan into rapid and confident action.


There is limited availability for VIP Alignment Day Slots.

If you are called to work with me, I invite you to apply now and rock out this year living your purpose in full power and achieving your dreams!

Plus, Special Bonuses

“Now, my clients are growing faster than ever, my group is growing and my continued action in that direction has sparked that. — Thanks to you I see my gifts, and I see my purpose, and I see how to continue to move forward!”

- Teany

New York, www.sanesewellness.com

“Ladies, I just had the most amazing healing session with Renee Li. She is so powerful, I literally witnessed entities leaving my body and returning to their rightful places. Omg, I feel so loved today and connected to Source. Thank you!!”

- Tamara


BONUS 1: Divine Blueprint Alignment (valued at $997)

A self-study e-course offering you the opportunity to download more of your Divine blueprint through Soul Star Clearing, messages from Ascended Master Lord Lanto and connecting with your personal “I AM” presence. Includes two Third Eye Activations from St. Germaine and the Cosmic Christ. 

BONUS 2: Sacred Shift Healing Session (valued at $300)

A private 45-minute healing session with your “I AM” and team of spirit guides. This session is usually recorded with channeled messages and high vibration codes for your highest good. 

BONUS 3: Power Alignment Call  
(valued at $300)
A 45-minute follow up call to anchor you in the new energy shift and support your breakthroughs.

Who is right for a VIP Alignment Day?


  • You are serious about the success of your sacred business and have dreams of reaching an international audience.
  • You have at least one of the following: a website, a blog, a business Facebook Page
  • You are courageous in the face fear and resistance.
  • You are an action taker on your healing journey.
  • You are committed to creating new results and manifesting your Soul Purpose now.
  • You know that personal breakthroughs are what create breakthroughs in your spiritual business.


I hold the RIGHT space for the RIGHT people 

who are ready for the RIGHT transformation Now.


What Happens After I Apply?


Within 24 hours, you will hear back regarding your acceptance.

Once accepted, an email will follow with invoice and link to
schedule a day on my calendar for your special VIP Alignment Day.

Next, I’ll send a questionnaire for you to fill out ahead of time so we can laser focus in the right areas on your big day.

The BONUS private healing session will be completed the night before your scheduled VIP Alignment Day at 8pm EST.


You and those you serve deserve much better.

Let’s work together to heal up, get clarity, and create an actionable plan to get you seen and heard by your prospective students and clients!

Copyright 2017 Renee Li International