Hey, new and aspiring spiritual teacher!

I know you have amazing gifts and wisdom that can offer others deep healing and transformation. You want to reach thousands of people all over the world and you are committed to working your Soul Purpose in full power now. But…

•  You don’t know how to reach your audience online.

• You are not sure how to package your gifts and services.

• You have trouble transitioning from free services to paid services.

• You feel uncomfortable stepping out as the powerful healer and intuitive that you are.

• You feel overwhelmed and a bit stuck trying to get your sacred business off the ground. 


Does that resonate with you?

Or maybe you are a go-getter and action taker. You have completed a number of marketing courses and implemented the right marketing steps but still not seeing any new clients. You are feeling frustrated because you just want to work your Purpose and serve now!

Or you are straddling careers. You feel uncertain about going “ALL IN” with your Soul purpose because you’ve been unable to manifest more income with your sacred business.

I can help.

After 10 years of being an entrepreneur with three businesses under my belt and multiple 6 figure income years, I know the formula for manifesting success. Plus, I know what it’s like to have golden handcuffs! I straddled between my lucrative 6-figure freelance consulting business and my healing practice for two years before I made the BOLD move to go “ALL IN” with my Soul Purpose as a spiritual teacher. It was scary and risky in more ways than one. But the reward has been tremendous!

Just in the FIRST TWO YEARS of going “all in” with my sacred business, I was able to achieve:


•  Consistent cash flow from 4-figure clients

•  #2 bestselling book on Kindle

•  A passive income generating e-course

•  Online reach of nearly 10,000 including 2,000 subscribers

•  Students and Mentees from all over the world

• Hosting successful transformational retreats 



…the freedom and power that this journey has afforded me. I am grateful for the flexibility to travel more with my family and homeschool my children. I am blessed to know Divine surrender and God’s Will in a deeper way today. Plus, I know that my ever-deepening connection with my “I AM” and Spirit Guides is a direct result of me working my light and fulfilling my Soul Purpose!


I am clear on the energetic formula necessary to create the proper foundation to manifest your Purpose…and here it is!

Right Energy + Right Action = Soul Purpose Success

This is another way to say that you need the right mindset plus the right marketing steps — IN THAT ORDER — to start seeing growth towards successful results in your sacred business.

Take a look at how many of your masterminding peers are spinning their wheels trying every marketing technique there is but not making any sales. The right action steps are not enough. You must have the right energy in place before you take the right action. Otherwise, you will continually see the same non-successful results over and over again.

Universal Truth #1

Fear and confusion cannot create abundance and success, period.


Universal Truth #2

You deserve abundance and limitless success. It is your birthright.


So let’s bridge the gap. I can help.

“Renee opened my heart to release anger and fear and invite spirit as an active guide in my life. I learned to truly surrender in the sacred space she held for me.”

- Elizabeth (Ohio)

Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher at, www.spiritspur.com

There’s an empowering feeling of freedom and independence that I am truly experiencing again for the first time in many years. Thank you, Renee, for your spiritual guidance! Your mentorship has given me a whole new meaning to the words love and life. I am healing. This is a very exciting time for me!

Ruth (Iowa)

Serenity Coach, Reiki Master and Angelic Channel

“You helped me unleash my purpose. I finally can see how I have prevented my own forward progress and I have walked through that resistance. I can feel the energy change very clearly. Thanks for your help with that Renee”

– Susan (Colorado)


Are you aware of your own fears and mindset around money, success, and self-worthiness? 

I bet you are not. Many people are unable to see their own deeply rooted energetic blocks. These are blind spots that everyone of us has.

As an intuitive Mentor, I can help you identify your blind spots and guide you to efficiently and effectively release the blocks that prevent you from limitless growth and expansion for both your personal life and your sacred business.



– Nine Month one-on-one Mentoring –


Three calls a month

You will receive insightful coaching to help you clearly see your limiting blocks plus intuitive guidance to assist you in releasing those blocks starting right then and there on our call. Your Spirit guides and “I AM” are actively present during our calls and direct us as needed. All calls are recorded for replay.

Monthly energy healing sessions 

The monthly healing sessions are distant sends completed at a mutually agreed upon date and time. All healing sessions are directed by your “I AM” and Spirit guides for your highest good and alignment. 

VIP Alignment Day – Live in person (NYC)

A 6-hour intensive to access breakthroughs, healing and an aligned marketing action plan. You can also choose to receive support to get through technical hurdles during this time.

Unlimited email coaching and support

As you shift energy into new possibilities, your body and you will inevitably feel some level of resistance. This is a normal response to moving out of your comfort zone into a more authentic and powerful You. You will have unlimited email coaching in between our calls to provide you with a sacred container of support.


“Ladies, I just had the most amazing healing session with Renee Li. She is so powerful, I literally witnessed entities leaving my body and returning to their rightful places. Omg, I feel so loved today and connected to Source. Thank you!!”

- Tamara


“I highly recommend Renee for healing and spiritual cleansing!”

- Nelson

New York

PLUS SPECIAL BONUSES (worth over $8000)


BONUS #1: A Virtual VIP Alignment Day ($5400 value)

A 6-hour intensive to access breakthroughs, healing and an aligned marketing action plan. You can also choose to receive support to get through technical hurdles during this time.

Bonus #2: A Free Ticket to the Ascended Abundance Retreat ($1997 value)

A  2-1/2 day retreat to work through the Soul Purpose Success formula and reprogram your core matrix around the themes of power and money so you can start to allow in the success and abundance that you seek through your sacred business. 

BONUS #3: Divine Blueprint Access E-Course ($997 value)

A self-study e-course offering you the opportunity to download more of your Divine blueprint through Soul Star Clearing, messages from Ascended Master Lord Lanto and connecting with your personal “I AM” presence. Includes two Third Eye Activations from St. Germaine and the Cosmic Christ. 

BONUS #3: Extra Healing Session with your “I AM” to kick-start the program ($300 value)


If ALL of the statements below are true for you, then you qualify for the Soul Purpose Success Mentorship Program with Renee Li.

•  You know your Soul Purpose or heart’s calling

•  You have one of the following for your sacred business: a website, a blog, a business Facebook page

•  You implement every recommended action step to maximize your opportunities 

•  You know your business success hinges on your personal breakthroughs  

• You know resistance is a part of the process and are open and honest about your experiences 


I hold the right space for the right person and the right time.

If any of the statements below are true for you, this might not be the right time for you to apply for this program. 

• You only want marketing mastery and NOT the “inner work”

• You are easily distracted by new marketing courses

• You talk yourself into stories

• You talk more than you do

• You are negative and defensive

I take your Soul Purpose and mission on Earth seriously.

I believe in your ability, your gifts, your power.

If you don’t go ALL IN with your Soul Purpose now, then when?

Your Purpose is not only meant for this lifetime but it is meant for this TIME of ascension that we sit in Now. Let’s get you aligned with your highest potential and get you success and abundance while serving your Purpose now!