Hey there, spiritual teacher and leader!

You’ve surrendered to be the hand of God in this world and have prayed for the right clients to find you now. But your sacred business is just not flowing like you thought it would. Many people have said “No” to your services, products, classes or workshops. You keep saying “if it is meant to be, it will be” but deep down, it hurts.

You just want to serve but you’ve been unable to the way you envisioned.

This may have made you start doubting the pricing of your offerings — or worse, doubting yourself.

If you are a spiritual teacher with a sacred business who is more than ready to energetically align with Divine flow and attract the right clients, I have a juicy opportunity for you.

Because the truth is….if you are getting lots of “No”s and rejections from prospective clients, you simply have energetically signaled and attracted the wrong clients.

What you really want is what I call your “Soul Clients.” They are the people who are spiritually aligned to work with you as their teacher. You have sacred contracts with these Soul clients. Their Soul agreed to allow you to hold space for their healing and transformation into self-mastery. You are meant to play a special role on his or her journey.


Being surrounded by your true tribe (your Soul clients)

Performing deeply satisfying work

Falling in love with your Soul’s purpose more and more

Experiencing divine synchronicities

Feeling unstoppable and ready for the next level of sacred work

AND…Making money through your sacred business

Join me for

Signaling Your Soul Client

The Visibility Breakthrough Retreat

In Missoula, Montana May 26-28, 2018

with an excursion to the sacred Garden of a Thousand Buddhas


What you can expect

Identify root fears that have blocked success in your sacred business

Receive laser coaching to break through and claim new possibilities

Create a strategic plan to raise your profile online

Develop a content calendar uniquely aligned to your mission and message

Understand how to work with Universal Laws to attract your Soul Clients


Receive a Third Eye Activation from the Cosmic Christ (Opening ceremony)

Experience an ‘Ascension Ceremonywith St. Germaine and Adama (Closing ceremony)


($997 value)

Divine Blueprint Alignment e-course – This virtual course will help you align with your Divine blueprint and download your next steps on your journey to new levels of Soul Purpose Success. In the course, you can expect to meet your team of Spirit Guides including your Angel, Power Animal, Ancestor Guides and “Other” (formless) Guides. Plus, two Third Eye Activations from St. Germaine and the Cosmic Christ, exercises to establish a connection with your personal Creator “I AM”, and the Fours Pillars to Ultimate Divine Connection.

Reserve your spot now for this two and a half day transformational retreat


Ends March 31st
Pay in Full $1297

Or Pay 3 installments of $475

Renee is a wonderful facilitator – she explores deep topics with such ease, has everyone feel included and creates such a safe space for transformation to occur inside of. If you know you are here to create transformation on the planet, and you are ready to take your work even deeper, allow Renee to be your guide. Her retreats and workshops are second to none. Kate Gerry

Renee has helped me gain multiple insights into what was holding me back in my business. She’s helped me see fear in a completely different way, and that alone has opened up a lot of doors for me. She’s vulnerable, insightful, and wise, and she speaks the truth with such love and compassion. She’s a powerful coach and an amazing teacher. Cara Stein

Renee has the tools, the wisdom and the knowledge to assist you when you need the courage to plow through the door or gently step in. She guides you to get you where you need to be! As a direct result of the energetic shifts from the retreat, my Reiki room has exploded and my clients are having incredible healing experiences. Ruth Harrington

This retreat is for you if…

• You are fully committed to your Soul’s Purpose

• You are open and willing to overcome inner resistance

• You have been active in your personal healing journey

• You have a deep desire to be of service

• After reading this, you feel you are at a threshold of a new breakthrough

• You know that personal breakthroughs are what create breakthroughs in your sacred business

This retreat is NOT for you if…

• You are committed to looking good

• You are not willing to get vulnerable

• You are timid about doing “inner work”

• You are unable to observe your ego at play

• You are negative and defensive

• You get distracted when confronted by fear or emotional discomfort

I hold the RIGHT space for the RIGHT people 

who are ready for the RIGHT transformation Now.

Register and reserve your spot today!


Ends March 31st

About Renee Li

Renee is an intuitive Soul Purpose Success Mentor, Master healer, author and speaker. Her mission is to support the next generation of Spiritual Teachers and Leaders in walking their Highest path, speaking their truth and showing up in the world as the powerful Spiritual leader they are so all the world and beyond can benefit from their light.

She has coached spiritual teachers around the world, has been featured in several publications including MindValley Academy’s Soulvana and Omvana blogs and certified in eight healing modalities.