7-Step Intuition Booster Formula

A powerful formula for advanced Healers and aspiring Spiritual Teachers to become more receptive to Spirit Guidance and flow into alignment!


Are you a new or aspiring spiritual teacher, leader or author?

Perhaps you may not be yet in the outer world but you know you are on the inside.


My mission is to help new and aspiring spiritual teachers, leaders and authors align with their highest potential and Purpose so the world and beyond can benefit from their light.  I have this sacred vision where my mentees are fearless ambassadors of Om Wisdom on Earth and they become these beautiful “golden light doorways” that offer others access to powerful transformation.  

How I turn this vision into possibility is through my Mentorship Program where I offer a unique signature approach to help you step into your power and work your light to fulfill your Purpose. 

Are you getting a glimpse of your own greater purpose but not quite sure how to navigate from here to there?


Let’s connect to get you speaking your Truth and manifest your Soul Purpose!


“Thank you, Renee! You have helped me open up my abilities and know how to continue to do so. Your presence is just beautiful! Blessings to you and your family!”

- Marie


“I highly recommend Renee for healing and spiritual cleansing.”

– Nelson

New York

“Ladies, I just had the most amazing healing session with Renee Li. She is so powerful, I literally witnessed entities leaving my body and returning to their rightful places. Omg, I feel so loved today and connected to Source. Thank you!!”

- Tamara


“Renee has helped me to find my Spirit Guides. I, now, know who is with me and I am feeling blessed! I will continue to develop my relationship with my Guides. In doing so, I feel this will assist my healing work on myself and with clients.”

- Cathy

New York

͞”I have been working on clearing my pineal gland lately and had a breakthrough a couple of nights ago during meditation. My Third Eye started to tingle and it felt like someone was tickling my forehead. It was very relaxing and calming. So I have to thank Renee and her program for helping me along with that process.”
– Laurie


“Thanks for the lessons. They have truly blessed me!”


- Annmarie


“My biggest takeaway is that Spirit is inside me. I don’t have to look for Him anywhere else as He is always with me. Thank you, Renee! I really appreciate all you have done. It’s been incredible!”

- Linda

Puerto Rico

“You are an amazing healer!”

- Elizabeth


“Renee has put me in touch with a higher plane in this life.”

- Carlton

New York

“You’ve become such a magical mentor to me”

– Amber


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  • Lastly, watch my interview from the 2016 Coaches Summit below where I talk about how to align with your “I AM” for peace, passion and Purpose. In this video, I also share one of three exercises that you can use right away to start the process of grounding your “I AM”

Featured in the 2016 Coaches Summit:

“How to align with your “I AM” for peace, passion and purpose”

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